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Sassy Pants

Sassy Pants | Double Pocket Wet Bag - Derby Cars

Sassy Pants | Double Pocket Wet Bag - Derby Cars

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A handy accessory to have while you are out and about!

You are out and about & suddenly you notice your child has done a wee or an accident in their nappy or pants. Simply grab your child's wet bag from the car, nappy bag or buggy. Change their nappy/clothes and place the damp items in one pocket of the bag. Zip it up and use the handy strap and button to hang it from the buggy or bag and take them home. 

These wet bags are made from a waterproof breathable fabric and have a zip closure and a snap handle for convenience!




Materials Waterproof breathable fabric
Care Machine Washable
Hang Dry
Please refer to care label for further instructions



  • Waterproof breathable fabric
  • Zipper closure & snap handle
  • Great for use with togs, nappies or clothes
  • Great alternative for plastic bags


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