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Cybex | Sirona T i-Size Convertible Car Seat | 0-4 Years

Cybex | Sirona T i-Size Convertible Car Seat | 0-4 Years

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Sirona T i-Size

The Sirona T i-Size car seat rotates 360˚ for easy boarding and switching from rear to forward-facing positions (Requires Base Z). (*Base Z needs to be bought separately)

Product Details

Enjoy the ultimate travel experience with the CYBEX Sirona T i-Size rear-facing car seat. Your child can enjoy the height of comfort with features like all-round air ventilation promising pleasant temperatures in all seasons.

The smooth 360° rotation allows you to take baby in & out of the car effortlessly and helps you switch between rear or forward-facing. Recline the seat with one hand for extra comfort on the road.

Enjoy peace of mind through safety features such as integrated Linear Side-impact Protection.

Get ready for blissful trips with your child, with the Sirona T i-Size.

Up to 50% higher safety
The Sirona T i-Size is a rear-facing car seat providing superior accident protection, reducing the risk of head or neck injury and improving safety by 50% (compared with the same seat forward-facing; results of testing using 2022 ADAC criteria). In a crash, the child is pushed towards the seat shell, where forces are distributed and lose impact. Rear-facing is mandatory for at least 15 months (76 cm tall). After that you can rotate the Sirona T-Size forward-facing, although, we recommend rear-facing travel for up to four years if possible.

Optimal breathability
All-round air ventilation provides year-round comfort. And the Plus fabric version has even better airflow, with a 3D mesh that increases breathability up to six times (compared to conventional fabric). The Plus line also features a sun canopy with mesh inserts to keep your child cool and protected.

Easy in, easy out
Get your child in and out of the car with ease. 360° rotation lets you swivel the Sirona T i-Size smoothly towards the car door with one hand, for easy boarding and less back strain. Rear-facing is mandatory for at least the first 15 months (up to a height of 76 cm). Then you can keep your child rear-facing or turn them forward-facing for extra comfort.

Comfort through the whole journey
The Sirona T i-Size features five recline positions in both rear and forward-facing positions. It can also recline while rotating on its base. Reclining the seat requires only one hand, keeping your other hand free for different tasks.
25% more side-impact protection
A proven Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P.) System enhances safety in the event of a side crash. Together with the car seat’s energy-absorbing shell, the L.S.P. reduces initial impact force by up to 25% (compared to the same seat without L.S.P. using ADAC test criteria). The L.S.P. System folds away if space in the car is limited.
One base – two seats
As the foundation of the T-Line Modular System, the Base T can be used with both the Cloud T i-Size and the Sirona T i-Size, for long-lasting protection and versatility. User-friendly ISOFIX release buttons make installation intuitive and easy.

Grows with your child
The Sirona T i-Size evolves with your child, thanks to a height-adjustable headrest designed to accommodate their rapid growth. 12 different headrest positions let you adapt the car seat to your child's size during their first four years, providing steady protection throughout this time.

Good fit for even the youngest travellers
A newborn inlay provides a near-flat lying position, for safe travel from birth. The baby’s head is kept in the ideal ergonomic position, especially during sleep. The newborn inlay should be removed when your baby grows taller than 60 cm.
Stress-free boarding
Magnets let you attach the buckle tongues to the sides of the Sirona T i-Size, keeping the belts out of the way as you get your child in or out of the car seat. Simplified onboarding for a stress-free experience.

Intuitive installation and anchorage
A secure base for the Sirona T i-Size. The Base T is equipped with ISOFIX and a load leg for quick and stable installation. User-friendly release buttons feature visual indicators helping you confirm the base is set up correctly. Set-up is as easy as it gets, helping ensure a safe and comfortable ride.



  • Integrated Linear Side-impact Protection
  • One-hand recline and rotation function
  • Height-adjustable headrest
  • Energy Reduction Technology (ER-Tech)
  • Two-Click Installation with ISOFIX (requires Base)
  • Modular System - One Base, Two Car Seats
  • 5-Point harness system
  • Energy absorbing shell

Tech Specs:

  • i-Size Norm, UN R129/03
  • Suitable for Child, Height: 45-105cm / Age: birth-4 yrs /  Max child weight: 18kg
  • Compatible with Base T, Z2 or Z* (*Recline limited with Base Z)
  • Weight: max. 18kg

Installation with base: Pay attention to the i-size logo. If a vehicle seat is marked with this logo, it is suitable for use with all i-size child seats and therefore will not appear in our list of compatible vehicles. If your vehicle does not have an i-Size seat, please check the compatibility of your vehicle.

What's in the box: Sirona T i-Size Car Seat, Newborn Inlay, User Guide


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