White Noise

White Noise

Lets talk white noise 🎼💤

I get a lot of questions about baby sleep and white noise so I thought I would do a blog about it all. Did you know white noise is just one variation of sound that helps babies sleep and relax? There's also pink noise, brown noise and red noise but what do they all mean?! They aren't even related to colour 😂😅 Read on to see the differences and how it can help to soothe and settle your baby.

What is white noise?

White noise is a mixture of static and sound frequencies to create a sound. It can be a fan, a vacuum or like the buzzing sound of your radio when trying to find the right channel.

Why is white noise beneficial?

White noise can calm and relax a baby by blocking the outside noise so baby can stay asleep longer in a calm state.

Other noises:

Pink noise: Similar to water sounds and nature sounds.

Brown noise / Red noise: Low frequency sounds eg. a low waterfall

Other sounds: Fan sounds 

We recommend a white noise machine to help block out the background noise and keep baby asleep longer. Dark curtains or blackout blinds can help create the melatonin for baby to sleep as well. In the early days it doesn't really matter where they are but as they grow they start to become more aware of the world around them, it really helps to create a peaceful, dark and safe space for their bedtime routine.

Hope you can get a few Zzz's in too Mum & Dad! It is not easy but I wish you all the love, because I know how hard dealing with lack of sleep can be, even with support at hand! Being tired is the result of you doing an AMAZING job looking after your little human attending to all their needs, just know YOU CAN DO THIS & you are an amazing Mum/ Dad or Caregiver ✨

We have a whole range of sleep machines available on our website https://littlerainbow.co.nz/collections/white-noise-machines and in store 38 Devon St West, New Plymouth

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